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More Information

There are many ways to utilize Ruins Hall. In all cases, we ask that you contact us ahead of time; for painting, for events, and for photographs. There are things you need to know about the property including significant artworks at the property that repaired on a regular basis by the artist. 


Ruins Hall is not abandoned.

It is owned by a very small local company working to stabilize and preserve it for future community enjoyment. 2020 has been an interesting wrench tossed in our grand plans, but here’s how you can help. 

Things That Help

Reach out before painting

Pull a few weeds
Pick up some trash
Call out bad behavior
Post some pictures
Organize a community event
Encourage artists to reach out
Make a donation

Things That Hurt

“tag” the walls with childish things of no value
“tag” the wall with your handle
Leave trash/paint cans behind
Move pieces of concrete around
Damage the door/window
Disrespect the art
Deface the stage covering
Mess with signage
Annoy others using the space
Climb on stuff and fall


Weddings, Events, Photoshoots, Arts Space, Painting...

We've got you covered. 

Please reach out ahead of time. 


Ruins Hall is a Privately Owned Public Space, which means we foot the bill so you can keep enjoying it.


  If you like the space, or the potties, or the art, drop us a few bucks to keep it going. ​


This place has a crazy history. We are working to make it all public and permanent at the venue. ​

Meanwhile, you can check here to learn a little more. 

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